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Find us at our new address: Alfred Moeck Straße 10
(in the industrial area Rossgallenäcker, direction Lenningen)

With extended opening times:

Mo. - Fr.: 07:30 - 12:00
Mo. - Mi.: 14:00 - 16:00
        Do.: 14:00 - 18:30
        Sa.: 09:30 - 12:30


  April 20th, 2017
  by the company Kazmaier Bau

Proof of judgment on 30.06.17


  June 30th, 2017
  by master carpenter
  Marcel Mayer


Look at the new storage area


  August 2nd, 2017

  our new storage area


Unser neuer Ausstellungsraum


Our new showroom


 Unser Biona Neubau




Your Biona-Team

Mattresses for a great and relaxing sleeping experience

Do you have sleeping problems? Then you might need a new mattress!
In our shop you can find
Cold-Foam-Mattresses, Visco-Foam-Mattresses (Memory Foam), 7-Zones-Mattresses or Cube-Mattresses
You can also find mattresses specifically for
Trucks, Caravans, Boots, and more! 
or a ventilation mattress for better aeration
We also offer mattress extensions, travel mattresses, mattress overlays or therapy pools for Chorea Huntington patients. 
If you need a new mattress for your cradle or your child´s bed, you´ve come to the right place.
We also offer foam for bench overlays, etc. 
In our shop you can find Mattresses in every size, shape and colour. You can also order custome-made products.


Find your perfect pillow:
Flat pillows, decorative pillows, sleeping pillows, sitting pillows, sitting wedges, water bed pillows, wheelchair pillows side sleeper pillows, pregnancy pillows, bone pillows, positioning pillows, wing pillows, neck pillows, tinnitus pillows, cuddling pillow, etc.

All of our pillows are suitable for house dust and allergy sufferers. Brows our online store and buy a new pillow. If you need any help, call us or mail us.


In unserem Onlineshop you can find allergy covers, functional covers, upholstery covers, incontinence covers (full-protection covers) and encasings in various sizes, colours and made from various materials

Mattress covers, Fitted sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases, wheelchair pillow cases, sitting pillow cases, positioning pillow cases. Special Sizes possible!


Covers at