Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair accessories serve the purpose of keeping the quality of life for people in wheelchairs as high as possible. Wheelchair cushions contribute majorly to this goal.

The affected persons need a wheelchair cushion that makes comfortable sitting possible. Wheelchair cushions don´t just have a positive medically speaking but also a positive effect on the comfort of their users. Wheelchair cushions simply mean a softer and comfier sitting experience. They simultaneously work against what experts call decubitus or pressure sore. Thanks to high-tech foam soreness is a thing of the past.

In our shop you can find all kinds of foams which have been developed specifically for wheelchair cushions. If you have any problems deciding which cushion is the perfect one for you, please contact us at info@biona.de . We would love to help you!

Please note that custome-made products cannot be exchanged.

Our wheelchair cushion covers:

Terry Cloth, Jersey (the classics)
Functional covers: Amicor (for allergy sufferers), CoolAndDry (cooling), CmiA (Cotton Made in Africa, very natural)
AirConditionPlus (with built-in aeration) AirWaveSilverFresh (bacteria repressive, fungal repressive, Anti-odor, Superstretch)
Waterproof materials: Incontinence made out of PU, synthetic leather or Terry cloth with moitsture protection with PU
Upholstery fabrics: Bellini (soft and smooth, suede appearance), TeflonSilk (water-repellent), Molto (water-repellent, can be used in outdoor areas)

All our covers have a doublesided zip and are easy to put (back) on the cushion

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Wheelchair seat cushion + visco pimple + cover 5 cm

Product no.: RN5

  • 5 cm Vicose fom with nops
  • Cover: Jersey Incontinence Leatherette TeflonSilk Bellini
  • various colors + sizes
  • 2 sided zip closure washable
29.90 *
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Wheelchair cushion seat cushion+cover Cold foam 5 cm

Product no.: RK5

  • 5 cm standard foam
  • 2 sided zip washable
  • Cover: Jersey Full Protection TeflonSilk Leatherette Bellini div. colors
  • also special sizes
35.90 *
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Wheelchair cushion viscose foam +under-ventilation 6 cm

Product no.: RNU6

  • 5 cm viscose foam
  • 1 cm DryWeave ventilating mat
  • Jersey Incontinence Leatherette Teflon Silk Bellini div.Color+size
  • 2 side zip washable
39.90 *
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Wheelchair cushion + cover cold + viscose foam 8 cm

Product no.: RVK8

  • Foam:4 cm viscose+4 cm cold
  • opt.pressure distrib.
  • Cover:Jersey,full protection,leatherette,TeflonSilk,Bellini,div.color+size
  • 2 sided zip
56.90 *
In stock
can be shipped within 4 days

Wheelchair seat cushion visco pimpels + cold foam + cover 10 cm

Product no.: RNK10

  • 5 cm Viscose foam+knobs
  • 5 cm cold foam
  • Cover:Jersey incontinence leatherette Teflon Silk Bellini div.color+size
  • 2 sided zip washable
49.90 *
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Seat Cushion with Viscofoam for Indoor & Outdoor 25 x 40 cm

Product no.: SVIO2540

  • great sitting comfort
  • 40x25x6 cm with zip
  • Surface: TeflonSilk red or green
  • Underside: PU/full protection black
21.90 *
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Wheelchair viscose foam seat cushion + removable backrest

Product no.: RNK10L

  • Seat Cushion: 10 cm
  • Backrest: 5 cm height adjustable (hook and loop fastener)
  • Various covers
  • 2-sided zip
99.90 *
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Child Car Ceat Overlay with Cover Nicki Plush

Product no.: KVASK

  • 100% viscofoam
  • Cover: Nicki-Plush
  • Removable, washable, suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Suitable for all common car seats
35.90 *
In stock
can be shipped within 4 days
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